My monochrome Autumn home decor


So autumn has arrived and I’ve got to say it really is my favourite time of year. Beautiful leaves, crisp mornings and just that feel of coldness in the air. I love changing things around depending on the season but being a monochrome lover changing things around can be a bit tricky. Autumn colours range from reds, oranges and Browns and as much as I love the colours on the trees I just don’t think I could bring them into my home.



I went on the biggest hunt for a white pumpkin this Autumn but could I find one nooooo, My partner Tom thought I was going insane and told me I had problems, he said ‘pumpkins should be pumpkin colour, what’s wrong with you? ‘ he then went on to tell me that I would paint myself white if I could. I think it’s safe to say I haven’t asked Tom for any more help on the home decor front.

For the kitchen I found some great monochrome goodies from Asda….. Yes Asda and I’ve got to say they really were such great value for money and look great.

image image

Frankie loves our ghost garland and gets so excited when I tell him it’s Halloween soon. Every morning he runs to the chalk board and we change the countdown to Halloween.


The living room is the hub of the house so I put most of my attention on this room. My Best Buy was this gorgeous silver glass pumpkin that I bought from Home sense along with the cross candle holder.


This store is aaaaamazing! It is the home store of tkmax so if you see something you love grab it quick as you probably won’t see them again. I’m like a kid in a candy store in there and have to make a list of what I actually want other wise I’d leave with a £0 bank balance.


I got these great black wore baskets from Matalan, got some logs to put in them and it instantly gave a more warm, autumn feel to it, I thought about painting them while but stopped myself!   image image image


One of my favourite items that works all year round is my Jo Malone candle that is just timeless, I have the pomegranate noir and the smell fills the house.


The subject of the white pumpkin is still a little raw as I never got to find one, so I had to make do with painting a pumpkin with paint. I used Matt wall paint it only took me about ten minutes and I think they look great. I’ve also bought some papier-mâché pumpkins from hobbie craft that I’m going to have a craft day with Frankie this week with black glitter….wish me luck.

I haven’t really changed our bedroom around much at all to fit into the Autumn theme apart from having a fresher feel to it with less clutter. My grid bedding is from the beautiful store Bonne Nuit, and is run by a gorgeous MaMa.



I find that Autumn is missed out on with home decor because of all the Christmas decorations that come out at the same time. So why not give your home a Autumn makeover this year, it will get you all ready for those colder months.

Please feel free to leave a message and ask me anything I would love to here from you. If you wish to know we’re anything is from just ask.

Have a Happy Autumn


Love Gracie xo



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  1. October 19, 2015 / 9:09 pm

    You are onto something with those white pumpkins! Have fun with Frank and the blakc glitter xxx

  2. November 1, 2015 / 7:52 am

    I love this look and think it works really well, there should definitely be different options for those who prefer a different style/colour palette. I didn’t see any white pumpkins either and just assumed everyone was painting them, yours look great X

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