C H A R L I E S R O U T I N E 8 months | with printable timetable


Hey guys,

Soooo we are into the first week of Charlie sleeping from 8-8 every night! Hallelujah!

I posted a while back about Frankie and Charlie’s routine’s so I thought I’d write an updated routine for Charlie’s age now seeing as he’s sleeping through the night and fingers crossed what I’m doing must be working! Obviously all babies are different and need and want different things but this is what is working for us.


. . . . . . . . .

8am / Wake up 8oz Bottle

10/10.30 Bottle in cot – Nap 30-40 minutes ( I do go in and wake him if he sleeps past this time. I find that if he sleeps too long at this part of the day he will not sleep properly in the middle of the day and results in him sleeping past 5)

11.30 Tummy time

12.30 Bottle in cot sleep until 2.30/3 ( I normally let him sleep for how long he wants at this sleep)

3pm 2 cubes of puréed veg and 1 cube of fruit / Charlie is not taking to the eating at all. He hates anything in his mouth and clamps his mouth shut so we are trying everyday in hope he will actually want to eat it! It’s so weird for me as Frankie was eating at 4 months and absolutely loved it!! I normally give him a bottle after we’ve tried the food just so he’s not still hungry.

4-5 Tummy time

5pm RULE : This is my one rule I have stuck too with Frankie and Charlie. I never let Charlie sleep past 5. He will always wake up early in the morning if he sleeps past this time so as long as he has his naps through the day he will be awake till he goes to bed.

6pm Bath and bedtime routine ( you can read my bath and bedtime routine I wrote for a toddler and a baby a while back here  but I will be writing an updated one soon)

8pm bottle in bed with his serenity star on. You can read all about the Aden and Anais star here.

. . . . . . . . . . .  .



Everyday is a little different but I do love having my routine on the fridge so you can always go to for a little guidance. Especially when you have a toddler thrown into the mix! You can download yours here BABY 6-12 MONTH ROUTINE
If you have any questions or would like to ask anything on Charlie’s routine I’d love to here from you.

Love Gracie xo



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