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Hey guys,


Im so excited to share with you this beautiful little online store. It stocks such gorgeous little pieces perfect for making you home beautiful. They stock some great brands, and a few are from over seas so its great for getting those desired items that you just don’t want to wait for! My favourite brand that THE LITTLE LIFE stocks is OLIVEETORIEL, their prints are to die for and THE LITTLE LIFE stock a great collection of them.




I have bought two prints from this fab store and I’m so in love with them. They give such a great service and delivery was very quick and efficient.

T H E  L I T T L E  L I F E  is run by a lovely mummy called Danni and she’s written a little about herself and the shop especially for you all to read:

‘ The Little Life was born from a life time passion for lovely little things and a husband who went away for a weekend, giving me too much time to think and plan!

I’ve always had a love for ‘faffing’ with our home interiors on a regular basis, not leaving a room alone for too long. Then our little lady came along almost two years ago, and I was off again!

From here came the idea to create an online shop, to bring together some of my favourite items for others to source and create gorgeous spaces for the little people in their life. We aim to showcase items I would want for our home, items that will give you a warm feeling, make you smile and which we hope you will love as much as we do’


The store has 6 categories of beautiful things that you can browse through on their clean and fresh website.


NEW PRODUCT : How gorgeous is this new product that they have available now ‘The bear selfie’, this is definitely on my to buy list!


So guys if you don’t go and check out this gorgeous little store then your crazy. I promise you will not be disappointed…… but you may have no money left as you will want to buy everything!

T H E  L I T T L E  L I F E has kindly given beingmummyxo readers a 10% discount off all orders and it is valid for two weeks from today 1.10.15 . Just enter MUMMYXO at the checkout.

What are you waiting for go visit THE LITTLE LIFE now!

Love Gracie xo



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